Kevin Cowherd

Kevin Cowherd

Wild Pitch

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Robbie Hammond is the Orioles hardest-throwing pitcher. But what good is all that heat when he can’t find the strike zone? The rest of the team is struggling, too, and after losing game after game, they’ve earned the embarrassing nickname Snore-ioles.

But for Robbie, this isn’t just a slump. He’s haunted by the memory of last year’s all-star game, when he lost control of a pitch with devastating consequences. He’s so worried about it happening again that he throws wild whenever a batter steps in against him.

Tired of disappointing his teammates and his dad – who happens to be his coach – Robbie is ready to call it quits. Then he meets a player who’s had to overcome a much bigger challenge, someone who might be able to help him get his mojo back – and persuade him to give the game one more chance.

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