Kevin Cowherd

Kevin Cowherd


Kevin Cowherd is The New York Times best-selling author of “Hothead” and five other baseball novels for young readers with Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. Their sixth novel, “The Closer,” was published by Disney-Hyperion Books in March 2016.

Cowherd’s latest non-fiction book is “When the Crowd Didn’t Roar: How Baseball’s Strangest Game Ever Gave a Broken City Hope.” It’s the first comprehensive account of the most unique baseball game ever played – the 2015 fan-less contest between the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox at locked-down Camden Yards – as well as the tragic Freddie Gray riots that led up to it and the therapeutic effect it had on a trouble city.

It will be published by University of Nebraska Press April 1, 2019.

Cowherd’s other works of non-fiction include:

  • “Way Down in the Hole: The Meteoric Rise, Tragic Fall and Ultimate Redemption of America’s Most Promising Cop.” It’s the riveting memoir of former Baltimore police commissioner and Maryland state police superintendent Ed Norris, who rebuilt his life after what many felt was a politically-motivated hit job by federal prosecutors landed him in prison.
  • “The Art of Crisis Leadership,” written with Rob Weinhold of Fallston Group, a Baltimore crisis management and communications firm.
  • “The Opening Act: Comedy, Life and the Desperate Pursuit of Happiness,” a memoir with long-time comedian Larry Noto.
  • “Hale Storm: The Incredible Story of Baltimore’s Ed Hale, Including a Secret Life in the CIA,” a biography of the maverick Baltimore businessman.

Cowherd was an award-winning sports columnist and features writer for The Baltimore Sun for 32 years. He has also written for Men’s Health, Parenting and Baseball Digest magazines, and is the author of a collection of newspaper columns, “Last Call at the 7-Eleven,” published by Bancroft Press.

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Recent News


Breaking News, Part Two: Perhaps against their better judgement, the Orioles have invited me to do another book signing at Camden Yards. This blockbuster event (ha!) will be from 5-7 on Saturday, July 20 before the O's take on the Red Sox. We'll be set up in front of the Orioles store on Eutaw St.
Don't be a stranger . . .


Thanks to everyone who came out to Union Craft Brewing yesterday to celebrate the launch of Rob Hiaasen's new book of columns "Love Punch." We had a great crowd and sold a lot of books. We also raised money for a great cause, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, which works to prevent these senseless shootings like the one that took the lives of Rob and four other Annapolis Capital Gazette staffers in June of 2018.


If you can't make it to the signing at Camden Yards Saturday from 2-4, we'll be doing it again Sunday from 2-3 at the Baltimore County Public library in Rosedale. This is another extravaganza sponsored by the BCPL and WBAL-TV, with my buddy, crack BAL reporter David Collins, serving as moderator.
Again, he hates to see empty seats -- he's liable to start kicking trash cans -- so don't disappoint him. Come on out.


Nice review of "When the Crowd Didn't Roar" in the Utica (N.Y.) Observer-Dispatch. Thank you, Don Laible!
Read the article!


I'll be talking about the book with "Midday" host Tom Hall at noon Wednesday on WYPR 88.1 FM. Hope you'll listen in. You don't even have to skip lunch!


Thrilled to have "When the Crowd Didn't Roar" included with these terrific authors and their books. But maybe don't get quite as engrossed in it as the little guy in the illustration. That looks dangerous ...


Once again I’ll be unmercifully flacking the book Monday from 7-8 p.m. at the Cockeysville branch of the Baltimore County Public Library. WBAL-TV is partnering with the BCPL for this event and my buddy David Collins, crack I-Team investigative reporter, will serve as moderator. Hope to see you there. So does David. Please don’t hurt his feelings by not showing up. Empty seats make him very upset. Also, check out the cool video he made about the book, which the station will be airing this month.


Thrilled to have "When the Crowd Didn't Roar" included with these terrific authors and their books. But maybe don't get quite as engrossed in it as the little guy in the illustration. That looks dangerous ...


This just in: 9 out of 10 travel and leisure experts recommend "When the Crowd Didn't Roar" for your holiday weekend reading pleasure. Forget where that stat comes from. But it sounds totally legit.


Seeing Jerry Seinfeld at the Meyerhoff Friday. Last time we were this close to the stage for a comedian was years ago for the great Sam Kinison, who opened with a typically tasteful bit about necrophilia.
"We're outta here!" my wife hissed in the darkness.
"Are you kidding me? I said. "You try to leave now, he'll KILL you! It'll be like a great white on a baby seal."
She toughed it out. Kinison was hilarious. Seinfeld will be like Mr. Rogers after that.


Received a nice phone call from former Orioles manager Buck Showalter, who said he liked the book. Can't thank him enough for all his help with it. Now if he only still lived in town and I could drag him to a few of my signings ...


Today marks four years to the day since the historic "No Fans Game" at Camden Yards. Read all about it in my new book "When the Crowd Didn't Roar." D.C. friends: I'll be at Politics and Prose on Connecticut Ave. for a discussion/signing Saturday at 1, with my buddy and ace Baltimore Sun columnist Dan Rodricks kindly serving as moderator. Would love to have you join us.


Great talk and signing for "When the Crowd Didn't Roar" at the Harford Co. library in Jarrettsville last night! Many thanks to the wonderful staff there. Next stop, if you're waiting breathlessly (and how could you not be?) : Annapolis Barnes & Noble, 1 p.m. Saturday.


The magical mystery tour -- or something like that -- continues. I'll be at the Jarrettsville branch of the Harford Co. library Wednesday from 6:30 to 8 p.m. for a discussion and book-signing. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind literary extravaganza -- the shame and guilt on your part will never go away . . .


Hey, look who likes the book! It's former NAACP prez and Maryland Congressman Kweisi Mfume! "Great piece of writing on a significant piece of baseball and Baltimore history," he writes.

Thank you, Kweisi! Means a lot coming from you.


The road show for “The Crowd Didn’t Roar” continues today with another talk and signing at the Pikesville Barnes & Noble (1819 Reisterstown Road) from 4-6 p.m. Please stop by if you’re in the area. And even if you’re not.


Fun time at the signing last night at Greedy Reads in Fells Point. A great independent book store - thank you Julia for hosting!


I’ll be blabbing and signing my new book “When the Crowd Didn’t Roar” at Greedy Reads (1744 Aliceanna St.) in Fells Point tonight. Showtime is at 7:30. Promise to get you home in plenty of time for the Virginia-Texas Tech championship game.


Taking the show on the road: I’ll be speaking about my new book “When the Crowd Didn’t Roar,” at the @AnnapolisBook Festival, 1 p.m. Saturday at the Key School (534 Hillsmere Drive.) It’s always a fun event. Like a Woodstock for serious readers.

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Danny Connolly is a backup pitcher with the Dulaney Orioles. He knows “backup” means “not good enough to start.” When he’s gotten a chance to pitch, he hasn’t exactly been the shutdown reliever the team needs. To make matters worse, he’s playing in the shadow of his older brother, Joey, a lights-out high school lefty who’s attracting lots of attention from college recruiters and major league scouts.

The pressure to live up to Joey’s success is stifling. Frustrated, Danny embarks on a secret project designed to make his family and teammates sit up and take notice. Aided by a mysterious stranger with an uncanny knowledge of the aerodynamics of a thrown baseball, he attempts to learn a pitch no one has seen before.

The clock is ticking as the O’s try to repeat as league champions. If Danny’s audacious plan works and he can mater the magical pitch known as “The Terminator,” he’ll become the dependable closer the Orioles desperately need. If it doesn’t, well, looks like marching band is in his future...Read More

The Art of Crisis Leadership

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Coming April, 2016

In today’s turbulent world, the issue isn’t if crisis will occur, but when. Do you know how to prepare for, navigate through and recover from crisis? Can you turn adversity into advantage? This book holds the key.

In his decades on the core executive teams of the Baltimore Police Department, U.S. Department of Justice and for Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr., Rob Weinhold learned a basic truism: the strengths and shortcomings of leaders are never more magnified than during life’s most difficult times. Weinhold flourishes in this space.

Now, as chief executive of the highly-respected Fallston Group, a Baltimore-based crisis management and communications firm that guides leaders at every level, Weinhold shares the secrets of how to survive, then thrive, when the stakes are at their highest.

A recognized crisis leadership expert who has appeared regularly on CNN, FOX, MSNBC and other national news outlets, Weinhold narrates the stories of real people and companies beset by social media attacks, sex scandals, financial distress, civic riots, active shooter situations, data breaches, natural disasters and other calamities. With each authentic story, he offers unique, yet proven, advice designed to help leaders remain steadfast, focused and resilient.



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